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Monsters Are Real: Doctor Proudly Proclaims He Needs No Testing to Know if a Child Is 'Trans'


Remember when the left in America tried to convince everyone that no children were being 'transed'? Despite mountains of evidence that minors indeed were being mutilated with surgery and sterilized with life-changing drugs and hormones, they firmly insisted that it wasn't happening. 


Obviously, that charade didn't last very long, so the left is now firmly entrenched in the 'it's good that it is' half of the 'It's not happening and it's good that it is' equation. 

The new deception that the left tries to sell is that children are only given 'gender-affirming care' (a diabolical term if there ever was one) after careful, lengthy consultation with medical professionals and families.

You will not be surprised to learn that this is a complete lie as well. 

Over the weekend, the Twitter account Mythinformed released a video of a private Zoom call featuring Dr. Robert Garofalo, a pediatrics professor at Northwestern University and the chief -- CHIEF -- of young adult medicine at Lurie Children's Hospital. 

We are not being hyperbolic when we say that this individual is a monster. See for yourselves: 

How does he determine if a child is trans? He just asks them, dummy. No further inquiry needed. 

This is cruel, this is criminal, this is abuse ... this is insane. 


Twitchy readers may recall Jamie Reed, the whistleblower at Washington University St. Louis Children's Hospital, who exposed in 2023 that many young girls at that 'Transgender Center' were subject to almost no screening before being given life-altering, life-destroying drugs. Thankfully, due to Reed's intervention, Washington University halted all such services last year

But Garofalo's arrogant, smug bragging in the video above shows that Washington University was not alone in its cavalier attitude toward abusing children. One has to wonder how much 'gender-affirming care' has fattened Garofalo's wallet.

The video caught the eye of J.K Rowling, who was understandably and rightfully outraged. 

Here is her full tweet: 

The Cass Report has revealed how very poor the evidence base is for transitioning children. We already know autistic, same-sex attracted and trauma-experienced youth are over-represented at gender clinics. Nevertheless, this man boasts about conducting zero psychological evaluation of children, proud that there's no 'battery of tests', explaining that he simply asks the child what their (unprovable, unfalsifiable) 'gender identity' is. The subtext is clear: unlike the worried parents, he's the cool dude who really gets what kids want. How can anyone still believe this won't come to be seen as the medical scandal of the century?


France has already called it the worst medical scandal in history as that country, like many others in Europe, is in the process of ending these practices completely. When will the United States catch up? 

And it gets even worse. Mythinformed also posted the full video where Garofalo says many other horrible things ... gleefully.

Soon, older tweets resurfaced on Twitter where Garofalo admits that he DOES NOT KNOW the risks of these procedures or medications. But he happily administers them anyway. 

And he also knows that children cannot provide informed consent. But he happily asks them for it anyway. 


We can be pretty sarcastic here at Twitchy, but there is no sarcasm in the following question: 

How is this man not in prison for the rest of his life for the lives he has destroyed? 

Any child or family that has visited Dr. Garofalo IS living in hell because of his 'care.'

Reed herself chimed in with an unfortunate 'I told you so.'

We are certain she took no joy in issuing that 'I told you so,' though. 


And these are not middle schools or high schools. Amaze videos are shown to elementary school students. Kids who are not even teenagers yet. It is another organization that needs to be investigated and prosecuted. And have all of their materials removed from EVERY school. 


This man, this 'doctor,' may actually be a demon. And we are not even kidding about that. 

They are experts at manipulation and it shows in their language. 

He is worse than demented. He is a predator. A predator just as evil as any killer or rapist. And he's preying on the most innocent and vulnerable among us.  

We have many problems in America, particularly under the disastrous Biden administration over the past three years. But this writer has said many times that if we lose this battle -- the fight against the cult of 'gender ideology' -- that's the ballgame. There is no coming back from that.


The good news is that we are starting to win. But this battle demands nothing less than total victory. And that means people like Richard Garofalo in prison, with a revoked medical license, and never allowed around a child for the rest of his life.

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