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Harford County Sheriff's Message After Rachel Morin's Murder ANNIHILATES Joe Biden (Watch)


Sometimes, it is sad to see someone's name go viral on Twitter. But that was our reaction this weekend when the name Rachel Morin started trending. Last August, Morin, a Maryland mother of five, went on a hike in Bel Air, a quiet town in northern Maryland about halfway between Baltimore and the Pennsylvania border. 


Morin never came home from that hike because she was sexually assaulted and viciously murdered that day. The reason her name was trending on Twitter this weekend was because the prime suspect in her killing was finally caught. To everyone's lack of surprise, the man alleged to have brutalized Morin is an illegal immigrant criminal from El Salvador, Victor Martinez-Hernandez. 

Also not surprising, but tragic, is the fact that Hernandez arrived in the United States only six months earlier, and law enforcement suspects that he illegally crossed the border because he was fleeing a similar murder he committed in his home country. 

And it gets worse if you can believe it. According to Fox News, one of the reasons police were able to apprehend Martinez-Hernandez is the DNA he left behind in yet ANOTHER violent crime he committed in California in March of 2023. 

'Once in our country, and likely emboldened by his anonymity, he brutally attacked a nine-year-old girl and her mother during a home invasion in March of 2023 in Los Angeles. And as everyone I believe is aware, that was our first DNA match linking Rachel's case to the one in Los Angeles.'

The man quoted by Fox News here is Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler. 


And he had plenty more to say -- directed squarely at President Joe Biden and the insane border policies coming from politicians in Washington, DC. Watch: 

'I want to now address these comments to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to every member in both chambers of Congress. We are 1800 miles away, here in Harford County, we are 1800 miles away from the southern border and the American citizens are not safe because of failed immigration policies. This is the second time in just two years that an innocent Harford County woman has lost her life to a criminal in our country illegally. Let me repeat that: 1800 miles from the southern border and this is the second woman in our county to be killed by an illegal alien. In both cases, they are suspects from El Salvador with ties to criminal gangs. Should not be happening. Victor Hernandez did not come here to make a better life for himself or for his family. He came here to escape the crime he committed in El Salvador. He came here and murdered Rachel -- and God willing, no one else. But that should have never been allowed to happen.' 

What he said. Every. Damn. Word.

They are not visible in the clip provided above by End Wokeness but Morin's mother and sister were both present at this press conference, understandably tearful throughout.


Yes, we do remember that. Psaki, Reid, Maddow, and all of the other smug, laughing people on MSNBC should be forced to watch Sheriff Gahler's press conference on a loop. And then personally, PUBLICLY apologize to Morin's family. 

And Laken Riley's. And Ruby Garcia's. And both Amalia Coc Choc De Pec's AND her four-year-old daughter Estella. 

And so many more. 

Maybe there is a creative district attorney out there who can decide to charge Biden, 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris, and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas with accessory to murder. 


We knew the Biden presidency would be a dumpster fire, but this is getting ridiculous. 

We've got a good chance to put a stop to it in November. Americans need to vote wisely and in huge numbers. 

We understand that some conservatives have mixed feelings about Donald Trump. But no matter what you think of him, it is unquestionably true that this wasn't happening during his first term. Not with anywhere NEAR the level of frequency it is happening now that Biden has let the southern border be overrun.

And this isn't even mentioning the number of suspected terrorists who have crossed the border in the past three years.

And lying Democrats like Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy will continue to try to gaslight Americans into believing none of this is even happening. 


It's becoming impossible to avoid the conclusion that everything happening at the border is intentional. 

It WAS a peculiar choice of words from Sheriff Gahler. [cough-Obama-cough]

Brutal indeed. And every word of it deserved. 

We're not sure about the FBI, but we'd love to see sheriffs like Jeffrey Gahler and others who have directly seen the results of Biden's border policy first-hand put in charge of the Department of Homeland Security at the very least. 

They certainly couldn't do any worse and we're fairly confident they'd do about 1000 times better.


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