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Tim Kaine: It's Right for the U.S. to Express Sympathy for the Butcher of Tehran, Ebrahim Raisi

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

It's only been four days since Ebrahim Raisi, the Butcher of Tehran, met his end on the side of a mountain but, in that short time, Democrats in America (not to mention many Western media outlets) have found the time to utterly beclown themselves trying to 'both sides' the legacy of a man who persecuted and executed thousands of Iranians, brutally oppressed women and homosexuals, and financed terrorist groups in the Middle East. 


(Raisi also denied the Holocaust, of course, so maybe he aligns with the current American left in their shared hatred of Jews.)

But we really were not expecting the following comments from Democrat Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton's former vice presidential running mate was asked about why the Biden administration would express sympathy over the death of this tyrant and what he had to say to the families of Iranians Raisi had killed. 

His response was pure cringe. Watch: 

Really, Timbo? You separate the office from the person? Are you insane? 

We're not talking about an actor with controversial political beliefs making a movie here. Or an outspoken musician. This is not about 'separating art from the artist.' 

Where is the distance between Raisi the man and Raisi the Iranian official? Did only one of those two butcher his own citizens and hang them from cranes in the streets? 


We're trying to figure out the diplomatic crisis that would have been created had Kaine simply said, 'No. Raisi was a horrible tyrant and both the Iranian people and the world are better off without him.' 

But Democrats can't say that because, as Ted Cruz pointed out to Secretary of State Antony Blinken the day before, the Biden administration is too busy trying to appease Iran. 

We shudder to think of where we would be today in that alternate timeline. 

A Western official hasn't disgraced himself this much since Irish PM Eamon de Valera and President Douglas Hyde DID, in fact, offer condolences to Germany after Hitler's death

Not exactly the leaders you want to emulate, Senator Kaine. 


Democrats love to tell Americans who they really are, especially recently. Fortunately, people are starting to believe them. 

The fact that Kaine is an embarrassment is not news. He has been for years. But this was a new low, even for him. 


For the party who loves to talk about 'the right side of history,' they sure seem to love choosing the wrong side. Every chance they get. 

The scary part of that hypothetical is ... we don't know the answer either. 


The good news is that Tim Kaine is up for re-election in 2024. Republicans have not chosen his opponent yet (the Virginia Republican Senate primary is in June) but they have a whole slate of good candidates vying to go up against him. 

Virginia has an opportunity to do WAY better than Kaine in the future. 

Vote wisely, Virginians. And remember this statement from Kaine come November.


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