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Today in 'You Don't Hate the Media Enough': BBC World Laments Ebrahim Raisi's 'Mixed Legacy'

Meme screenshot

Here at Twitchy, we're old enough to remember when The Washington Post embarrassed themselves and got dragged all over Twitter when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the murderous leader of the Islamic State, killed himself with a suicide vest and the Post referred to him as an 'austere religious scholar.' 


Even worse, that wasn't the original headline the Post used when al-Baghdadi ended his horrific time on Earth. They CHANGED the headline to that. When they got called out on it, they then changed the headline again. 

You would think the media would have learned its lesson. You, of course, would be wrong. 

After 'The Butcher of Tehran' Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter accident this week (prompting some hilarious memes, but also a disgraceful statement from the U.S. State Department, here is how the BBC decided to refer to the man who, for decades, murdered thousands and terrorized even more than that.

Yes, a 'mixed legacy.' As in, his villainous remains were 'mixed' with motor oil and helicopter parts. 

No, that's not what the BBC meant, of course. Here is their justification for that insane headline (emphasis theirs):

Ebrahim Raisi was loved by hardliners of the Islamic Republic of Iran for his loyalty and obedience to Iran’s supreme leader.

However, he was equally hated by many Iranians for his role in the mass execution of political prisoners in the 1980s, and his more than four-decade involvement in the security and judicial systems which suppress opponents and critics of the Islamic regime.

The BBC put that in bold text and led with it. Let that sink in. 

Somehow, we feel that the second paragraph is more important and more indicative of his 'legacy.'


We're weird that way. 

And, sure enough, the BBC soon got the same treatment for their headline as The Washington Post did. Who could have seen that coming? 

The only surprising thing here is that the BBC did not also claim that American Republicans were 'pouncing' on his death. 

The media shares more in common with Raisi than they do with any Republican, so that tracks. 

Frankly, what the BBC printed is beyond words, so we're just going to let Twitter drag them for a while. 


This one was a little TOO easy for the Frog of Shame. But his presence was required anyway. 

Not nearly enough. But we're working on it. 

He was an equal-opportunity butcher, that's for sure. 

There's nothing more revealing of the media's corruption than the stories they choose to play the 'both sides' game with. 

Setting aside (just for a moment, don't worry) his record of bloody murder and state-sanctioned rape, the 'court backlog' praise the BBC gives him is even more laughable when you consider that he ALSO failed the Iranian people in terms of the nation's economy, which he promised to improve when he became president. 


But mostly, yeah, it was the murders and the terrorism. 

Sure, he killed tens of thousands, but there are 88 million people in Iran, so that's 'mixed.'

The BBC has declared its loyalties. It seems only reasonable that we declare to them that they are a sick joke. 

Yep. Just like that. 

There are actual photos of this. Many people posted them on Twitter, but they are quite gruesome and horrible, so we did not include them in this article.

Here's a different photo that we will share: 

Abominable. There's your 'mixed legacy' right there. 


It took The New York Times a VERY long time to acknowledge Hitler's atrocities during World War II. Today, we're not sure they or many other major news organizations in the West ever would. 

BINGO. Guy Benson nailed it. There's no question anymore how much antisemitism is rampant in Western media. And there's very little question that this antisemitism colors everything they write about what happens in the Middle East. 

Even when The Butcher of Tehran meets his end, they just can't help themselves. 

We may not hate them enough, but we can hate them plenty. Almost all of the time, they deserve it. 

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