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Delicious Tears of Unfathomable Sadness: Disney Execs 'Butthurt' Over South Park Episode

South Park Studios

By now, Twitchy readers all know about the most recent South Park special episode, 'Joining The Panderverse.' The episode takes on a number of hot topics, including Americans' hypocrisy regarding education and the value of skilled labor. But by far, the prime target was Disney and the head of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy. We won't recap the entire episode, but you can read more about it here.


But the latest news about 'Joining The Panderverse' comes from entertainment news site Bounding Into Comics, which published a new report that Disney executives are none too happy with how Trey Parker and Matt Stone lambasted them. 

Andre Einherjar states, 'What we have heard is that the powers in Disney and Lucasfilm like everyone else knew the episode was coming and they knew it was going to have a go at them, but they didn’t know in advance in exactly which way. And what they saw, allegedly went beyond anything they ever imagined than even their worst of nightmares. The behind-the-scenes response then at Disney was a mix of shock, embarrassment, feelings of betrayal, and overall butthurt.' 

LOL. Butthurt. We are sure that nothing could please Parker and Stone more than to know that this was Disney's reaction. 

But most offended of all was Kennedy herself. Einherjar also reports: 

'As for Kathleen Kennedy, she reportedly did not take it well, not at all. From everything we’ve heard Ms. Kennedy is quite the piece of work. She takes everything personally and she allegedly reacts with anger, lashing out, sometimes through intermediaries.'


In other words, Kennedy reacted exactly how everyone knew she would react. Including Gina Carano, who knows something about dealing with (and being canceled by) Kennedy. Twitchy also reported on Carano's statement about Kennedy after this episode aired, but here is her tweet as a reminder:

Seems like Carano called it pretty accurately, according to this new report. 

Twitter/X users had plenty of thoughts about Disney's and Kennedy's reactions. 

It almost always is.


We can pretty much guarantee that South Park is not done with Disney or Kennedy. More lampooning is sure to come, possibly after the upcoming release of 'The Marvels' (though that is Kevin Feige's movie, not Kennedy's).

Of course, they will blame the fans. It's practically Disney's business model in recent years. 

Others took the opportunity (of course) to use Disney's own properties to make fun of their executives. 

But one user summed up Disney's reaction to South Park perfectly:


That is spot on. Disney in general, and Kennedy in particular, believe that they are above criticism because of their ideology. That was kind of the point of the South Park episode to begin with. 

But Disney does not seem capable of self-reflection, so it just makes their 'butthurt' all the more hilarious. 

And delicious, of course, as Eric Cartman well knows. 

* * *

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