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City's Post on How They're Creating a 'More Inclusive and Safe Society' Is a Virtue Signaling FAIL


A couple of days ago, we brought you this story out of Spokane, Washington about a progressive manhunt that had thrown the city into a panic. Those responsible are being brought to woke justice: 


As we reported, some city leaders broke down in tears during a press conference announcing that a manhunt was underway in Washington for several suspects who "desecrated" a Spokane pride mural painted on the road. Just a few hours after Spokane repainted the LGBTQ+ pride mural, three teenagers were arrested for first-degree "malicious mischief" for leaving skid marks on the mural with their rented scooters.

Such crimes against virtue signaling humanity seem to be a bit rarer in Canada for the moment, and the capital city of New Brunswick, Fredericton, tweeted about how they're working hard to create a safer and more inclusive society. As it turns out, all it takes is some colorful paint on asphalt to create a utopia: 

Full equality = Achieved! 

The sad part is -- yes, they do.

And that guy's not even actually painting anything:


Virtue signal fail!

It's a total mystery!

Now the city leadership will have to make sure any vehicle that gets too close to that mural on the street is disabled so it can't do what streets are made for vehicles to do!

In a more non-insane time the mayor of this town, right before firing the road crew, would have said "instead of filling in potholes today you did WHAT?"


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