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'Record number' of Americans saying they're now worse off torpedoes Biden WH's economic brags

President Biden’s State of the Union speech will take place tomorrow night, and the White House made it clear the president’s been working hard on the speech and it will definitely be all his own (“not a joke”).


One thing’s for sure: SOTU viewers are going to hear plenty of economic gaslighting along these lines:

On the other end of the reality spectrum, CNN highlighted an ABC News/WaPo poll that tells a completely different story. Watch:


It appears that economic utopia has not been achieved in spite of what Team Biden would like everybody to believe.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Sunday that Biden’s positive accomplishments are so many that people are essentially having trouble wrapping their minds around the awesomeness (uh-huh):

Karine Jean-Pierre today said the Biden White House understands that people are going to have certain feelings about the economy:


And by “certain feelings” KJP means “those that run completely counter to the White House’s laughable alternate reality.



President Biden lets us know why the economy ‘got so bad 2 years ago’

Biden has ‘no intention of letting Republicans wreck the economy’ (and the jokes write themselves)

Gaslighter in Chief Joe Biden gets a jump on the holidays by lying to Americans about the economy


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