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Glenn Greenwald shares part of Matt Taibbi's Substack that explains why 'journos are so enraged'

Last night Matt Taibbi dropped another huge thread of Twitter Files. This round put the spotlight on how Twitter worked with the FBI to suppress and ultimately ban Donald Trump’s Twitter account.


Journalist Glenn Greenwald spotted something in a new Substack article from Taibbi that helps explain why many in the media are either criticizing what’s come out (and/or the messengers) or flat-out ignoring the story:

The old-guard media are realizing they can no longer fully control the narratives and their panic/fury is palpable.

Clearly they’re deathly afraid people will end up knowing the answer to that question.


That really is the bottom line.

Exactly. And that’s why in many media circles the Twitter Files bombshells are being completely ignored.



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