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John Kirby makes it clear Biden's not taking sides in PRC leadership vs. protesters in China

The Biden White House’s statement on protests in China over “Zero Covid” lockdowns and denial of freedoms was a big bowl of weak sauce, and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby didn’t do much better after being asked about the president’s view on the situation:


Stunning and brave, except not really.

Somebody should tell Biden they’re BLM protesters and maybe he’d have a few words of support.

How might Chinese leadership translate that?

The Biden White House has a chance to make a real statement on the issue of freedom and all we get is basically “hey, it is what it is.”


Unfortunately this isn’t very surprising. Heck, Biden’s chief medical adviser praised China’s “Zero Covid” approach in 2020 and tried (successfully to some degree) to bring similar lockdowns to the U.S. so perhaps the WH doesn’t really think the Chinese government is overdoing things very much.

No kidding.


Then again, this is the same U.S. president who, after a lengthy meeting with Chairman Xi a couple of weeks ago, had more harsh criticism about Republicans than the ChiCom government.



Fatal fire sparks protest over China’s ZERO COVID measures leading many to recall BAD Leftist policy

Guess who Dr. Fauci blames for China covering up where/how Covid originated

After meeting with China’s Xi, Biden had some HARSH criticism (of Republicans in the US)


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