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Bill Melugin notes that the president has finally visited the US/Mexico border (no, not THAT president)

Late Friday night the Department of Homeland Security released the border numbers, and the report showed there were 227,547 migrant encounters in September with 599,000 “gotaways” so far this year, according to Fox News’ Bill Melugin.


That’s quite an emergency, no matter how “secure” the Biden administration declares the border to be. Melugin has now reported that things have gotten so bad at the border that the president recently paid a visit. Except the visiting president wasn’t Biden, or even one from north or south America:

Well at least somebody’s president went to the US/Mexico border:

President Katalin Novák visited the wall on the US-Mexico border, and handed a state honour to Hungarian-born psychologist Edith Eger on Thursday, the third day of her official visit to the United States.

Novák visited Eger, a 95-year-old author-psychologist and Holocaust survivor specialising in post-traumatic stress disorder, in her home in San Diego. Novák awarded Eger the Hungarian Order of Merit, Commander’s Cross.

The president also visited the wall erected on the border between the US and Mexico as a measure against illegal migration, where a local customs and border protection agent briefed her on growing migration pressure in the area. The agent said the authority’s main objective was to preserve national security, and they lamented the shortage of resources and workforce at the border.


The “shortage of resources and workforce at the border”? Gee, what could be the cause of that?

As far away as possible. However, they are sending tens of billions of dollars to help protect Ukraine’s border.



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