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Bill Melugin reports some 'kidnapping' and 'human trafficking' going on that Dems are NOT freaking out about

As you know, Democrats like California Gov. Gavin Newsom (and possibly Sen. Brian Schatz) would like to see the Justice Department consider kidnapping charges against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for the alleged crimes of sending illegal immigrants to northern “sanctuary cities.” The allegation is that putting migrants on busses or planes and shipping them elsewhere amounts to human trafficking and/or kidnapping.


However, notice that the Dems don’t hyperventilate about kidnapping and human trafficking when it’s being done by other Democrats. Fox News’ Bill Melugin has pointed out another reality that for some reason isn’t making the Dems flip out because Republicans aren’t behind it:

And of course THAT will be different when the lib spin machine does its thing.

The “what would Jesus do” lefties are nowhere to be found on that one.


Of course not.


Not that this whole fiasco is entirely political or anything (cue eye roll).



Womp WOMP: Bill Melugin shares reporting that totally DEBUNKS Lefty’s claims that Abbott and DeSantis are kidnapping or trafficking people

Drone shoots video of more than 50 migrants crossing illegally in Eagle Pass, Texas


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