Gov. Ron DeSantis has been in the news for three days now for flying a whopping 50 or so Venezuelan migrants from Florida into the sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard. Suddenly it became big news that the people of Martha’s Vineyard rallied together to feed, clothe, and house these migrants before shipping them off to a military facility with a group of National Guardsmen that outnumbered the migrants 2 to 1. Who, do you suppose, has been feeding and housing these same migrants, plus thousands more, for months? They didn’t arrive at Martha’s Vineyard starving and naked.

The “stunt” certainly brought into sharp focus how it’s the duty of small border towns to deal with the hundreds of thousands of migrants who cross the border every year of the Biden administration.

Here’s Fox News’ Bill Melugin one year ago yesterday in Del Rio, Texas, where more than 8,200 migrants were sheltering under an overpass — where they belong:

And here’s Melugin exactly one year later in Eagle Pass, Texas — another community that is expected to step up and absorb these migrants. It looks more than 50, though … do you think Eagle Pass has the infrastructure that Martha’s Vineyard lacks?

Suddenly it’s a humanitarian crisis in New York City and Chicago and Washington, D.C.

Maybe they’re in line waiting for their COVID tests.


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