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George Takei disappointed by all the 'weird questions' being asked lately on CNN

About a week ago, Dan Rather, who was one of the most ironic frequent guests on the former CNN show “Reliable Sources,” sensed a disturbance in the lib “journalism” force on that cable net:


CNN’s “audience”? Heh… good one, Dan.

However, Rather isn’t alone. George Takei has also taken notice of a slight CNN shift but should take solace in the fact that there’s still plenty of stupid on display daily:

Do those “weird questions” from CNNers by any chance include “hey, where’s Stelter & Harwood?”

The “news” can’t be truly unbiased unless it’s completely run by Democrats.



Can you imagine the reaction from the Left if ALL media suddenly became even slightly less biased?



George Takei shares his ‘crazy thought’ about AR-15s and inadvertently spills the beans about what gun grabbers are really after

George Takei says Americans should consider paying higher gas and food prices to be a ‘patriotic donation in the fight for freedom’ (and people have thoughts)

It sure sounds like George Takei has had enough of Joe Biden


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