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'You've got your own plane': FBI Director Wray tells Sen. Grassley he has a flight to catch (then it gets awkward)

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified today before the Senate Judiciary Committee and he was grilled about a number of subjects (including a plea from Dem Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse to keep investigating Brett Kavanaugh).


Later on during Wray’s testimony, he reminded Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley that he had to leave at 1:30 because he had a plane to catch. Grassley then reminded Wray that maybe he can push that departure time back just a little because he’s using his own plane (courtesy of US taxpayers):

Here’s the video:


So often they seem to forget that.


The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway has this to add:

Has there ever been, or will there ever be, anybody in government who is actually held accountable for abuses and overreach?



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