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Karine Jean-Pierre shifts into cringe overdrive when cornered by Peter Doocy about the Biden-induced 'painful transition'

We’re starting to see Pentagon spokesman John Kirby make more appearances at White House briefings, which doesn’t bode well for this administration’s confidence in Karine Jean-Pierre’s effectiveness in handling the press’s questions.


The Biden press office should have also had Kirby field Peter Doocy’s questions about this administration’s energy policies (those policies are “blame Putin & Big Oil greed,” raid the strategic reserve, beg the Saudis to pump more oil and tell Americans struggling to afford gas to buy electric cars). Try and make sense of Jean-Pierre’s responses to Doocy here:

Shorter KJP: Words words words words words words words words.

Mix all that up and make a nice word salad.

Jean-Pierre probably doesn’t even know what all that means.


Here’s something that was unreal:

Maybe this administration thinks that’s worth bragging about that because it’s more than the 16 cents they saved us at last year’s 4th of July barbecue.



Karine Jean-Pierre insists that Joe Biden is ‘making sure that he does everything that he can to elevate’ Americans’ pain at the pump

Peter Doocy reduces Karine Jean-Pierre to a spluttering mess with questions about inflation and Biden’s energy policies [videos]

Politico/MSNBC journo Sam Stein helps carry Karine Jean-Pierre’s heavy plate of ‘we’re not in a recession right now’ word salad

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