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'Aren't you people embarrassed?' L.A. Times goes for water-carrying record to put positive spin on recession

Just because President Biden’s approval rating continues to crater and nobody outside the most loyal Dem base is buying any of the White House’s excuses and scapegoats doesn’t mean the MSM is going to stop trying to help lift this administration out of its hole.


Here’s the most recent example from the Los Angeles Times and it comes with a beverage warning:

Wow, somebody at the L.A. Times dislocated both shoulders trying to carry all that water for a failing presidency (or succeeding depending on how you view things).

Oh, that was a classic, and this one from the L.A. Times is in the same class of media water-carrying:

“Here’s why your economic life getting even more challenging isn’t so bad” is something else.

Every darn time.


Are they even capable of embarrassment anymore?

Here’s how the story concludes:

He figures the Fed’s tightening will create more layoffs but added, “We have so many openings, it’ll be easier to get workers recycled into the job market. It’s not bulletproof, but it means the economy is less likely to fall off a cliff.”

Under Biden, “the economy is less likely to fall off a cliff” is a best-case scenario, and the media spins that to Americans as good news. Now imagine the reports if the same things were happening under Trump or any other Republican.



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