As gas prices remain at all-time record highs, the Biden administration’s energy strategy has been to beg OPEC to increase production, blame domestic oil companies for not doing enough refining, tap the strategic reserve, blame Putin and tell Americans struggling to afford fuel to just buy an electric car.

Next up: Calling for a “gas tax holiday“:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday will call on Congress to suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes for three months — an election year move meant to ease financial pressures that was greeted with doubts by many lawmakers.

The Democratic president will also call on states to suspend their own gas taxes or provide similar relief, the White House said.

At issue is the 18.4 cents-a-gallon federal tax on gas and the 24.4 cents-a-gallon federal tax on diesel fuel. If the gas savings were fully passed along to consumers, people would save roughly 3.6% at the pump when prices are averaging about $5 a gallon nationwide.

It would save people 3.6% at the pump, and you just know this administration would brag about that on the 4th of July weekend.

Biden’s latest move is a desperate “gimmick” — but don’t take our word for it:

Perhaps a White House reporter could ask Karine Jean-Pierre about the previous remarks from Biden’s former boss.

The Biden White House’s response would likely be something along the lines of “it’s different this time because of Putin.”