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Katie Pavlich, Jonathan Turley & others spot extreme 'threat to democracy' hypocrisy from the 1/6 Commission chair

Today brought with it another hearing from the House’s January 6th Commission, which CNN’s John Harwood has praised as being not in the slightest bit “partisan” (which says a lot coming from a partisan “journalists”).


The Democrats and the media have dubbed any questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election as “Trump’s big lie,” which the Dems consider a “threat to democracy” (what isn’t these days?). But as you know, hypocrisy and projection can be strong with the Democrats, and Katie Pavlich spotted one such example coming from the Commission’s chair, who was slamming Trump for casting doubt on the most recent presidential election:

Naturally the media won’t go out of their way to follow up remarks like these with Thompson’s previous claims.

Jonathan Turley couldn’t help but notice as well:


Ari Fleischer also provided a little modern history lesson:

As usual, it’s OK when they do it.

Unlike cheap gas or groceries, they’re easy to find.



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