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WH deputy spox says Jen Psaki never said that thing about protesting at SCOTUS homes that she clearly said

Early this morning an armed man was arrested near the home of Brett Kavanaugh, and he reportedly told police that it was his intent to kill the SCOTUS justice. Just over a couple of years ago Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, speaking at a protest outside the Supreme Court building, said conservatives on the Court would “pay the price” if they didn’t vote to uphold Roe v. Wade.


After the Alito draft was leaked by somebody inside the Supreme Court earlier this year, there were protests at the homes of some of the justices. Kayleigh McEnany then reminded her followers that those protests were not condemned by the Biden White House. Here’s what Jen Psaki said at the time:

That particular clip is making the rounds again, so the WH press office knew some spin was in order. The spin is that Psaki never said what she said:

Nice try, but no:


Let’s go to the transcript:

The Biden White House hopes you can’t read.

Arguing punctuation is apparently the easier approach for this White House.

Wow, it sure does sound like Psaki said all the words that are in that transcript.


Just like many on the Left are pretending they were never in favor of defunding the police, we’re now supposed to believe they didn’t go out of their way to encourage these protests at private residences of conservative SCOTUS justices.



Dem Sen. Dick Durbin can’t just categorically condemn left-wing political violence in wake of threat on Brett Kavanaugh’s life

Ruth Sent Us terrorists who encouraged violence against SCOTUS Justices sure are quick to downplay attempted assassination of Brett Kavanaugh

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