In the wee hours of the morning, a man was taken into police custody. This particular man happened to be armed … and very close to the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s no big stretch to be wondering how the fine folks behind Ruth Sent Us are feeling about this. Let’s check their Twitter feed to see, shall we?

No, they seriously tweeted that:

“We are committed to non-violence.” That’s why they dug up and published addresses where disgruntled pro-aborts and violent leftists could find Supreme Court Justices.

This part of their tweet was pretty great in its own right:

Well, Ruth Sent Us, as it happens …

That’s a great point, actually. Ruth Sent Us sure was quick to downplay their role here, and to downplay the attempted assassination itself. Weird.

Terrorists gonna be terrorism apologists.

An assassination attempt is an assassination attempt is an assassination attempt.

And Ruth Sent Us is clearly down with assassination attempts.

So if the man had been successful in murdering Brett Kavanaugh, Kavanaugh would’ve deserved it because of his seat on the Supreme Court.

Ruth Sent Us is dangerous, plain and simple. They have no semblance of a conscience:

Completely twisted.

They really are.

If Kavanaugh had been murdered, they’d be raising money for the killer’s legal defense.

Ruth Sent Us’ block finger is evidently very busy at the moment

There’s certainly no love lost between us and Ruth Sent Us, but here’s some free advice for them:

Or keep going. If your goal is to dig yourselves a deeper grave, by all means, keep going.