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'We had a good run': US Marine Corps Pride Month tweet comes complete with rainbow bullets

The beginning of Pride Month has already brought with it a tweet from @POTUS featuring an additional letter in the ever-growing LGBTQ+ acronym, but the government marking the occasion has also extended to the American military.


Here’s the United States Marine Corps Twitter account’s contribution to the “Pride Month” cause:

Rainbow bullets?

Mollie Hemingway and Dr. Pradheep Shanker are among those who are not fans of that tweet:

This is unbelievable.

That’s some Biden-style “unity” right there.


The Biden administration certainly is a joke (and not a funny one).

And it’s only June 1st — the government and military under Biden no doubt have some more doozies in the hopper as the month goes on.


Will the US military under Biden soon require “preferred pronouns” on all uniforms?



General tells NPR that the Marine Corps is ‘reinventing itself to reflect America’

U.S. Marine Corps is looking to hire a ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisor’ with a starting salary of $144,128

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