We’ve seen the efforts of their respective diversity, equity, and inclusion officers to attract a more diverse cross-section of America to the armed forces; as Twitchy reported, the Army released a series of animated shorts showing how diverse the service was, heavily featuring a girl being raised by two mothers and marching in pride parades to show she was fighting for freedom even as a teen.

The Marine Corps apparently believes it is out of touch with contemporary America and is undergoing a “big overhaul” to fix that problem. General David Berger appeared on NPR’s “Morning Edition” to explain.

NPR reports:

The goal that’s driving what amounts to a cultural shift within the service, is for the Marines “to reflect America, to reflect the society we come from,” Gen. David Berger, commandant of the Marine Corps, said in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition.

It’s not a matter of being politically correct or “woke,” he said.

The core of America’s strength lies in its diversity, Berger said, adding that the same is true for the military.

The plan doesn’t sound all bad, as it addresses retention problems, but somehow that’s mixed up with diversifying recruitment.

You know that’s true because he made a point of saying that it wasn’t a matter of being “woke.”

The Army’s “Operation Inclusion” is already teaching them that “Make America Great Again” is white supremacy.


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