As Twitchy pointed out a couple of weeks ago, the CIA has put out some terribly woke recruitment ads, featuring a woman who refuses to be put in a box and then proceeds to check every box of identity politics: she’s an intersectional cisgender millennial woman of color tired of misguided patriarchal ideas, and the CIA is the place for her.

Brandon Morse of Twitchy sister-site RedState has a righteous thread on the U.S. Army’s new recruitment ad, which is animated and spends the first minute-and-a-half of its two-minute run time showing a girl being raised by two mothers and marching in pride parades — that shows that she was fighting for freedom even as a teen. Then she graduated from college and decided she wanted to be a killing machine.

Morse is right; they’re taking political activists and putting them in military clothing.

There are actually five of these animated videos, and yes, they’re diverse.