Remember when members of the U.S. military went after Tucker Carlson en masse on social media after he’d done a segment on President Biden “feminizing” the military (maternity flight suits, anyone?). An official account for the Marines told Carlson to “Get right before you get left, boomer.” The U.S. Army rolled out an introduction to its chief diversity officer. U.S. Special Operations Command welcomed aboard its new chief of diversity and inclusion (who had compared President Trump to Hitler on social media using badly Photoshopped pictures). Some officers in uniform made video responses to Carlson in their offices. In other words, Carlson struck a nerve.

The CIA isn’t about to be one-upped by the Army and its chief diversity officer. It recently released recruitment ads featuring an intersectional Latina cisgender millennial with generalized anxiety disorder to prove there was a place for her in the formerly patriarchal CIA.

But wait, there’s more.

Leftists are upset because the CIA is appropriating their language to recruit — this ad fails everybody.

So cringeworthy.