As Twitchy reported, a number of senior officials from the Department of Defense took to social media this week to respond with tweets and videos to a segment Fox News’ Tucker Carlson aired on the Biden administration “feminizing” the military — a position he doubled down on the following night. The Pentagon even issued an official press release to trumpet how its press secretary had managed to “smite” Carlson with a press conference after he “dissed” diversity in the military.

Remember how the press used to lose its collective mind whenever it saw a member of the military with Trump gear? How CNN’s Jim Acosta asked if troops serving in a war zone on Christmas should be disciplined for having President Trump sign their MAGA gear? How people called for an investigation to see if Trump had given them the campaign gear? (“Those hats looked well creased & brand new,” tweeted one person, while another said it “needed investigation.”) We’d gotten the impression that the military wasn’t supposed to get mixed up in politics.

The military certainly hasn’t held back on calling out Carlson, though; check out this tweet from an official Marine Corps account:

Now the Marines are apologizing for being “a tad harsh.”

Maybe, but at least the social media guy manning the Marines’ Twitter account owned Tucker Carlson first.

We’re certain media hall monitors Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter will call out this attack on a journalist by the U.S. military.

Anyone who watched the actual segment instead of getting the gist from a tweet knows that.

Wonder how that (now-deleted) rant about banning Fox News Channel from all military barracks and bases over the segment is holding up.

This is now beyond embarrassing; they should have stuck with the original tweet: