That was fast. As Twitchy reported Saturday, U.S. Special Operations Command was welcoming its new chief of diversity and inclusion, Richard Torres-Estrada. Putting aside what we think about every branch of the military having a diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, Torres-Estrada seemed a risky pick. Plenty of people in the comments noted that this was the same person who’d shared a meme of Donald Trump holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church next to a (Photoshopped) photo of Adolf Hitler holding a Bible. Considering this is what the guy thought of the previous Commander-in-Chief, we wondered … why him?

Now Special Operations Command is wondering the same thing. The New York Post reports that Torres-Estrada has been “reassigned” while they look into his social media posts.

Not resigned, reassigned. The Post reports:

Torres-Estrada’s appointment as chief of diversity and inclusion was announced just last Thursday by the US Special Operations Command.

But by Monday, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed a probe into Torres-Estrada’s social-media posts, which include an image juxtaposing Trump and Hitler and an anti-police political cartoon.

“Obviously, we take the need to promote diversity and inclusion seriously here in the department,” Kirby said during a Monday briefing, according to Fox News. “The secretary [of defense, Lloyd Austin] has spoken to that many times. And we certainly want that work to be transparent, to be credible, to be effective, and of course professional.”

Professional, yes.

There’s not that much to look into.

The press secretary didn’t say where he’d been reassigned, so there’s a chance he could be back if they think his posts are no big deal. Barring that, they’ll just appoint someone else to this position which shouldn’t exist in the first place.