As Twitchy reported, after Tucker Carlson did a segment arguing that President Biden was “feminizing” the military, both individual officers (in uniform) and official military accounts jumped on Twitter to respond. The U.S. Army used the occasion to introduce the Army’s chief diversity officer, a position a lot of people in the comments thought shouldn’t exist. “Extremism can tear apart cohesive teams,” the tweet began, and as we’ve learned recently from a couple of emails, troops are being taught about extremists like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, but when they ask about Antifa or Black Lives Matter, they’re told that’s not what they’re talking about right now.

Now U.S. Special Operations Command is introducing its new chief of diversity and inclusion. We honestly don’t have a problem with it if it’s simply a recruiting effort, but somehow we suspect there’s more to it. American Military News reports that “SOCOM didn’t specify specific initiatives Torres-Estrada would be involved in, however, diversity and inclusion officers typically focus on inclusion of LGBTQ and minority personnel.”

Oh yeah, there’s that Facebook post that’s still up comparing Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump:

As you can see (as could Facebook’s fact-checkers), the “Bible” was obviously Photoshopped into Hitler’s hand, so it’s fake too.

Apparently, Torres-Estrada is USSOCOM’s first-ever chief of diversity and inclusion. How they made it this long without one is anyone’s guess.