Believe us, we had to squint really hard to make sure this tweet was real, and it is: The things above the black bar are examples of “socially unacceptable” white supremacy, such as lynchings, blackface (hey Gov. Coonman and Justin Trudeau), the KKK, and burning crosses. Just like those icebergs, though, you’ve got to watch out for what’s under the surface.

Those things below the black bar are “socially acceptable” or covert white supremacy and include such things as saying “Make America great again,” white silence, and calling the police on black people. Yes, saying MAGA is covert white supremacy, according to the graphic, which is credited to Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence but was reportedly sent out to thousands of military and civilian members of the U.S. Army.

There are a couple of cartoons at the bottom too that got cut off, but no loss.

The Army’s taken a lot of flak from woke white liberals for killing brown people, so you’d think they’d know better.