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'Such efficiency'! Biden adviser says there's been an 'interagency process' focused on baby formula shortage since Feb.

Yesterday outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki (her Misinformation-Palooza farewell performance is scheduled to take place early this afternoon) said the Biden administration has been monitoring a looming baby formula shortage for several weeks now. The problem seems to only be getting worse, and it’s too bad reminders that the White House has been aware of the problem aren’t doing anything to fix the crisis. This morning Biden’s economic adviser Brian Deese was the latest administration official to let us know they’ve been on top of the issue since February:


Hopefully the White House’s spin team saying all the right words in interviews will help alleviate the problem:

Next there will be a discussion about forming a committee tasked with naming a commission to examine what caused the problem in the first place.

Any parents having trouble finding baby formula should go to the southern border and pretend to be in the country illegally and their problem might be solved.

Whatever bureaucratic version of a Rube Goldberg machine the Biden administration constructs to deal with this will probably only make the problem worse.


Strange that they’ve been focused on the problem for several weeks and we just started hearing about the problem a fairly short time ago.

They only know how to make things worse, not better.



White House tweet about what wasn’t available when Biden took office quickly debunked using previous WH tweet; UPDATED

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