Maybe it’s some sort of honorary tribute to Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki leaving the White House for MSNBC after her final briefing tomorrow, but the lies from this administration seem to have ramped up big time this week (which is quite a feat). This particular brag from the White House should be sent to Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion because the Biden administration’s gaslighting has become weapons-grade:

One of the first to spot the BS in that tweet was @JerylBier, who debunked the claim using a previous tweet from the White House (and @JoeBiden):

This administration’s strategy to try and overcome awful approval polling is three-pronged: Lies, lies, and more lies.

We can’t wait to see if the “fact-checkers” find a way to rule the White House’s tweet as “mostly true.”

Can somebody get the Easter Bunny to convince these people to stop beclowning themselves in very public fashion?


The White House’s lie was so shameless even the Washington Post’s fact-checker had to call them out:



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