As we told you yesterday, in comments to reporters about the draft decision about Roe v. Wade that somebody in the Supreme Court leaked to the media, President Biden accidentally drove a stake through the heart of the pro-abort movement:

“Abort a child”? What was that again?

That meant that the White House had yet another clean-up job to perform today. Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked the White House press secretary about Biden’s “child” remark, and she had this to say:

Really? That sounded a lot like “for Biden’s official position, listen to what I say it is and not the president.”

There’s been a lot of “what Biden says isn’t necessarily the official position of the Biden administration” going around lately at the White House.

Yep, they’ve actually been reduced to basically saying “what the president says isn’t always the president’s official position.” Yikes.



Joe Biden reminds us that ‘I’m just a child of God, I exist,’ and children of God have a right to abort other children of God

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