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CNN's Chris Cillizza asks 'is this finally Kamala Harris' moment?'

At the end of last week, CNN’s Chris Cillizza wrote an analysis and asked “is this the beginning of a Joe Biden comeback?” Cillizza seemed pretty excited about the possibility:

Now that Kamala Harris is heading to Poland as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, Cillizza’s now doing some similar water-carrying on behalf of the VP with a very similar question:

There’s an awful lot of “hope” in the opening paragraphs:

Beset by staff departures and lingering questions about how good a fit she is for the job, Harris has struggled to find her political footing. (Worth noting: That’s not terribly unique. Being vice president is a notoriously difficult and, at times, thankless, job.)

But with Harris jetting to Europe on Wednesday – amid the ongoing Russian invasion into Ukraine – the possibility exists that she is about to meet her moment.

But remember though, reporters do NOT root for a side! *Eye roll*

If there are no “comebacks” it won’t be due to a lack of cheerleading from CNN.

That was said proudly by a “journalist” who clearly roots for a side.



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