CNN’s Chris Cillizza in recent years infamously reminded everybody that “reporters don’t root for a side.” And yet, as usual, this tends to sound a bit like rooting for a side:

Cillizza spotted some evidence that public opinion is turning around for Biden:

It’s been a rough month – and, really, year – for President Joe Biden.

Beset by the Omicron variant, high inflation and the uncertainty in Ukraine, Biden’s poll numbers have lagged badly, with his approval ratings stuck in the low 40s.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll suggests that all might be changing. Biden’s overall job approval rating among Americans is at 47% in the survey, up 8 points from where he was in the same poll last month.

An NPR poll? LOL.

Hopefully he didn’t throw out his back.

War breaking out overseas, record inflation, gas prices still spiking and people continuing to pour illegally across the southern border of the U.S. — if that doesn’t spell “presidential comeback” nothing does!

Cillizza’s tweets have a tendency to get ratioed like no other, and the ones above were no different.

And reportedly Obama used a different word than “mess” that rhymes with “muck.”



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