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WaPo reporter springs into 'journalism' action after Gov. Ron DeSantis' mask lesson to students

We knew as soon as we saw a video of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis telling a group of students that the masks they were wearing were “not doing anything” and to leave them on if they want but it’s all just “Covid theater” that the Left would be triggered. If you missed it, here’s how it played out:


The superintendent of the school the students attend has now released a statement:

And because “Democracy Dies In Darkness” and all that, a reporter for the Washington Post is trying to score some comments from the people DeSantis shared a bit of reality with:


DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw let the students know how to contact the Post reporter:

Hey, it’s not like there’s much else going on the Post should be focusing on, so they might as well help the Democrats resuscitate a DeSantis narrative.


Apparently, for the Left, people are only supposed to be able to order kids to wear masks — suggest that they don’t need to do that and a mass triggering ensues.


There’s been so much eye-rolling today it’s incredible!



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