Jen Psaki’s probably tired of justifying mask mandates, but hey, it still beats trying to explain and defend the Biden administration’s free crack pipe program, right?

Who counts as a “federal expert,” Jen? Do you? Because this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense:

Allow us to present an alternative opinion:

That is the correct opinion.

Forget it; she’s rolling. Sans mask, of course:

Where’s your mask, Jen? Or would a muzzle be more suitable?

Insane, dishonest, insanely dishonest …

According to Jen Psaki, that’s exactly what Ron DeSantis has been trying to do:

Oh, shove it, Jen.

Snopes definitely won’t call her out for this.

They hope we’re that stupid.

Pathetic jokes who are genuinely terrified of Ron DeSantis.

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