Ever since the Free Beacon published Patrick Hauf’s explosive story on the Biden administration’s plans to provide drug addicts with free crack pipes for “racial equity,” the White House has been scrambling to do damage control. They’re probably hoping that — with a little help from their friends at Snopes — they can gaslight their way out of this awkward situation.

Let’s check in with Jen Psaki and see how that’s going, shall we?

Yeah, but:

Somebody’s lying, Jen.

Lip balm! Gotta keep that pucker nice and supple, even when you’re smoking crack.

And all this is to fight the opioid epidemic? What?

Are we sure that Jen hasn’t been using a crack pipe? Maybe the entire Biden administration has a serious drug problem.

C’mon, Jen.

Patrick Hauf has receipts. Jen Psaki has a tap-dancing routine.

Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

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