Another day brought with it more gaslighting from President Biden. Perhaps the biggest example of that came in the form of another Biden declaration of victory over Big Pharma, much of which has spent the last nearly three years bathing in taxpayer dollars:


Wait, is he serious?

Pfizer (along with Moderna) raked it in with the help of the president who supported mandating the use of their products:

Pfizer made nearly $37bn (£27bn) in sales from its Covid-19 vaccine last year – making it one of the most lucrative products in history – and has forecast another bumper year in 2022, with a big boost coming from its Covid-19 pill Paxlovid.

The US drugmaker’s overall revenues in 2021 doubled to $81.3bn, and it expects to make record revenues of $98bn to $102bn this year.

The bumper sales prompted accusations from campaigners of “pandemic profiteering”. The group Global Justice Now said the annual revenue of $81bn was more than the GDP of most countries and accused Pfizer of “ripping off public health systems”.

Hey, if that’s losing, we’d take it all day long.

What’s disturbing is that Biden might actually believe that.



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