Biden is no stranger to telling big lies, but this recent one may take the cake. He decided to blame the ‘Defund the Police’ movement on … REPUBLICANS. Seriously. Take a listen below.

Twitter was not going to let him get away with it.

This was our favorite. A compilation of all of the Democrats calling to ‘defund the police’. 

We do not think Biden has the smartest team around him. Honestly, we just are not surprised by much that comes out of the current administration but the fact that this lie in particular is very easy to prove to be wrong was a little shocking.

He is. There are articles and Twitter threads all over with a list of his lies. We are not sure if he even knows he is lying some of the time.

Sarcasm. We love it. It at least allows us to chuckle when we should all be crying over the fact Joe Biden is our President.

This was a good point. If you listen to the audio he does try to conflate the calls to look at the corrupt DOJ and FBI as being the same as defunding police. They are not the same. Biden knows it, and his team knows it, but they do not care.

HA! We never thought about it, but the poor translators have to say exactly what he is saying, and he barely knows what he is saying, so it has to be one of the hardest jobs in politics right now.

We fact-checked it. IT IS FALSE.

EXACTLY. It does not matter if he lies, most of the media is going to let it go. LUCKILY WE ARE HERE! 😉

That is one good thing we will say about Biden. He lies HUGE. So it makes it easy to point them out. 🙂

We will end it with that simple fact. No Republican has called for defunding the police. Period.

Never change Joe.  Pointing out the lies from the Whitehouse gives us plenty of material.

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