Did you know that a journalist who provides greater transparency (against the will of the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration ever”) is helping to spread lies? In the head of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who has been freaking out ever since Tucker Carlson started releasing some January 6th surveillance footage that the J6 committee for some reason didn’t think was important, Fox News has helped propagate “Trump’s Big Lie™”:

In this instance, more transparency is a bad thing:

It does in Schumer’s version of “democracy.”

Schumer’s tweet caused Elon Musk to respond to his triggering with a question about a video that’s going viral:

This would likely make Schumer’s head explode, so somebody please make sure the senator sees it:




Sen. Chuck Schumer agrees to go on Tucker Carlson’s show IF… (LOL)

Nervous, CHUCKLES?! Chuck Schumer begs Fox News to stop Tucker from releasing more #J6footage

Maybe this helps explain why Sen. Chuck Schumer’s pushing so hard for ESG


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