Earlier this week a couple of late-night lib comics — CBS’s Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central’s Hasan Minhaj — were working hard to save the original “preferred narrative” about the origins of COVID-19 by mocking the source for stories about the possibility of the virus having originated in a Wuhan lab. That source? The U.S. Department of Energy. That was considered mock-worthy by those who are desperately trying to keep previous jokes about Trump being an idiot from aging poorly. Here’s what Colbert said:

Right on cue, there’s yet another federal government entity for the lib late-night hosts to try and diminish, because FBI Director Christopher Wray can no longer rule out lab leak theories. Here’s the FBI’s statement:

Nobody’s very surprised except those who couldn’t bring themselves to admit that Trump just might have been right about something.

And that is why “comics” like Colbert will continue to mock the sources.

“Conspiracy theories” for the win!

Questions now remain about why it appears the government is taking a “now it can be told” approach to how and where the virus originated in China.



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