One of the most laughable but maddening things about the Biden administration is the constant gaslighting about the economic utopia they’ve created. Meanwhile reality tells a different story, but the POTUS account today let everybody living paycheck to paycheck know they’re going to keep “helping” even if it drives the middle class into poverty:

Do the people in the Biden White House really believe they’re creating a great economy for everybody? Because the only people not complaining are the rich they claim to be sticking it to. Also thanks so much for continuing to help people live paycheck to paycheck:

Does anybody in the Biden White House realize that most people have an interest in stock market performance, and not just because they want to see Nancy Pelosi get richer?

Right? Biden’s got several different “how I grew up” stories that change depending on who he’s speaking to.

Instead of encouraging this Biden would rather just demonize the rich while making everybody else believe they’re somehow responsible for economic woes.

Oh, they addressed that by passing the “Inflation Reduction Act” which… made inflation worse. Stop “helping”!



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