A recent Wall Street Journal article

While there is no consensus among U.S. intel officials about how the pandemic started, the FBI and now the Dept. of Energy have both found an accidental lab leak in Wuhan, China to be plausible. NEW details via @CBSNews First reported WSJ. pic.twitter.com/QE72v15ED2

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) February 27, 2023

In other words, some crow is being served, and it certainly isn’t escaping the notice of the New York Post:

George Washington University law professor has pointed out that the “ban any unapproved opinions in the name of keeping people safe” crowd did more harm than good just to maintain a narrative:

What a shocker!

Does anybody want to ask Biden, KJP, et al about this so they can just dodge the question?

Fact check: TRUE.

The media sure did their share of water carrying.



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