Following a recent report that the U.S. Energy Department is now a believer in the COVID-19 lab leak theory, Twitter dusted off some old tweets that aged like a forgotten gallon of milk in a Chevy in August. What is Twitter for, after all, if not for reminding people of their most horrendous, most self-righteous tweets?

We told you earlier about a blistering thread from Comfortably Smug, detailing the lab leak deniers. Other tweeters felt a great big bucket of comeuppance was due as well.

The breaking story from The Wall Street Journal begins:

The U.S. Energy Department has concluded that the Covid pandemic most likely arose from a laboratory leak, according to a classified intelligence report recently provided to the White House and key members of Congress.

‘Most likely’ came from a lab leak, they said, in agreement with the FBI (but not a number of other agencies who think the pandemic began with natural transmission).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall exactly how the lab leak theory was treated by those who demanded we trust them, shall we?

Long-time Twitchy favorite, Drew Holden, had the receipts back in May of 2021.

(We love to see Drew back in action! Keep him in your prayers.)

The DoE made the determination with ‘low confidence’ according to the WSJ story, but that’s quite a bit different than ‘irrational conspiracy’.

That’s pretty much been the case with all things COVID.

Was it irrational to wonder if COVID was released from a Chinese lab in Wuhan that studied coronaviruses? No.

Was it irrational to questions if lockdowns were going to do more harm than good? No.

Was it irrational to question if masks actually protected people from COVID? No.

Was it irrational to be hesitant to take a vaccine that utilized a new technology? No.

Yet, all resistance to these ideas were met with people being labeled ignorant, uneducated, anti-science, racist, and hateful.

The unraveling of the claims that the lab leak was nothing more than a conspiracy is just one of many of these claims that have been falling apart as we learn more.

Speaking of suppressing disagreement …

They used social media to suppress perfectly valid questions, such as the lab leak theory.

Democrats were more concerned with using COVID to hurt Donald Trump in the upcoming election than they were in determining what role, if any, China had in bringing the killer virus to our shores.

Experts whose opinions on the coronavirus differed from the approved talking points were labeled ‘quacks’, ignored or castigated by media, and silenced on social media (with urging from the government).

Every bit of this.

At a time when the country truly did need to come together, government and media created a level of distrust that did not serve America’s best interest while its citizens were being killed by COVID-19.

Is embarrassment enough? These people were trusted to provide Americans with the best information on COVID.

They could have said ‘We just don’t know. Here’s our best guess at what should be done.’ and people would have accepted it, given the unique situation we found ourselves in.

Instead, we got ‘We KNOW what is best. Everyone who says otherwise is a conspiracy theorist who should be shouted down and shut down, and if you don’t comply, we’ll try to take your jobs away.’

Real smart.

No, embarrassment is not a stiff enough penalty.


Putting too many ‘ha’s in ‘Bwahaha’ for a Twitchy article suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. (Bwahaha!)

Not only were you a conspiracy theorist, you were a racist for suggesting that a virus that came from Wuhan China might have come from a lab in Wuhan China.

Replaying one of the Vox classics.

Have any of them ever considered that media and government sowing distrust by performing their jobs so poorly directly contributed to people not being safe?

This would be a good place for a Biden eating ice cream gif.

That’s better.

Enemy of the people, indeed.


This applies to way too many people.

Uh oh, Howie, perhaps an incurious professor castigating a U.S. Senator for wanting to learn the truth about a virus that infected Americans is the ‘dangerous’ one.

For his part, Tom Cotton remains where he was in February of 2020, after being smeared by the press – wanting to get to the bottom of China’s involvement.

Who could have seen it coming?

Twitter really let WaPo’s fact-wrecker, Glenn Kessler have it.

Yes, yes it is.

‘We deal in facts’ he said. LOL.

Colbert was one of the big late-night televangelists for the approved COVID narrative.

The whole time, apparently.

That’s what happens when you mobilize government and media to pretend that valid inquiries are the ramblings of lunatics. Eventually, the truth comes out.

Maybe next week we’ll find out Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes really are the same person.



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