Texas Democrats are opposing a proposed school voucher program. Among them is Rep. Armando Walle:

Rep. Walle explained in a local news story why he’s opposed to the voucher proposal:

In Austin, private school vouchers are expected to be a topic of debate in this session, with one of the bills comes from Sen. Mayes Middleton, who represents the Galveston area.

“We’re putting more tools in the hands of Texas parents to decide what is best for their child because, at the end of the day, children belong to their parents,” Middleton said.

Middleton’s bill gives parents $10,000 per student. This is money that can be used for tuition, technology, and transportation expenses.
“Just because you’re offered a voucher, $10,000, whatever the amount is, that doesn’t automatically get you admitted into that private school,” State Rep. Armando Walle said.

And, when it comes to what will gain somebody admission to a private school, Corey DeAngelis explained why the anti-voucher Dem Rep should know:

Well, there it is!

So many of these Dems are the “private schools for me but not for thee.”



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