In addition to the Chinese spy balloon that’s floating southwest across the United States, there now appears to be a second balloon farther to the south:

So, it turns out the Chinese spy balloon drifting — potentially still being steered by China — across the United States is not the only nefarious surveillance operation happening in our hemisphere.

According to Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Pat Ryder, the Department of Defense is “seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America” and “now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon” as of Friday night.

Ryder’s statement given to multiple media outlets is as vague as he was during a Friday afternoon press briefing in which he refused to disclose the exact location of the first spy balloon that’s been over the United States and will be for the next few days as it traverses the continental United States.

Obviously this situation has MSNBC’s Chris Hayes alarmed.

Wait, no it doesn’t:

For some reason we’re guessing those tweets might have a different tone if a Chinese spy balloon was floating slowly across the U.S. and Trump was still in office.

Just imagine the hyperventilating if this happened in 2020 (of course China didn’t pull this stunt when Trump was in office).

Coming from those who support open borders the spy balloon apathy shouldn’t be too surprising.



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