Yesterday President Biden helpfully pointed out that more than half of the women in his administration are women.

No, seriously:

Wow, that was something else. Can somebody please reboot the president?

In the meantime, staying on the topic of women and the economy, the @POTUS account on Twitter is spiking the ball over women’s participation in the labor force, and as usual the White House avoided context (but Twitter helped out with that — I’ll get to that part in a second):

The Biden White House pulls this BS with everything from the deficit to jobs “created” but of course compare that to pandemic years when there were shutdowns and lockdowns, so this is indeed necessary context:


“Was this helpful?”


Has their been an administration that gaslit as much as this bunch? I mean, the Obama years were bad but Team Biden makes them look like amateurs at disingenuousness.

So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Also, can the Biden White House please define “women”? I highly doubt it.



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