In case you missed it, President Joe Biden said that his administration is extending the COVID emergency until May 11:

WASHINGTON — President Biden said Tuesday that he extended the national emergency declaration for COVID-19 until May 11 to “get everything done.”

Biden gave the explanation hours after announcing the extension — as the Supreme Court prepares for February arguments on his attempt to put $400 billion toward student loan forgiveness by citing the emergency.

“We’ve extended it to May the 15th to make sure we get everything done. That’s all,” Biden said, misstating the end date he ordered, while departing the White House for a trip to promote a rail project in New York City.

This is all very annoying, as it has been all along.

It sure seems like the “COVID emergency” is never going to end. He’s just going to keep on extending it as long as he’s in the White House. We’d really like to know what the hell is going on. Maybe we should ask him — or not:

Um, OK … ?

What in the world is he talking about? We know we ask that a lot when it comes to Joe Biden, but dammit if it isn’t frequently apropos.

Is the quiet part that he’s lost his mind?

That’s also one of the faces we made when he did this:

No, seriously. What’s that about?

Is he trying to steal her umbrella? Or is he just looking for some part of her he can grab and her hand is the closest thing?

And geez, guys, he’s getting right up in her face. Where’s the social distancing?

Juuuuuust fine.


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