There are only 50 short days between now and the midterm election and Politico has been spotted helping do a bit of preparation for the occasion:

They’re trying to prepare us this time. From the Politico article:

Many of the same factors in the same battleground states are at play in 2022, starting with races that could have very slim margins. Add in the continued popularity of mail voting and state laws in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that can delay processing of those ballots, and the chance of another waiting game is distinct — possibly with control of the Senate up in the air.

And the possibility of broken water pipes! Don’t forget about the possibility of broken water pipes.

Bring on ALL the facepalms!

Remember the good old days when we knew who won midterm elections before the next day (or week, or month, or…)?

Sewing public doubt in the results of elections seems to be the point these days.


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