As Twitchy reported, President Joe Biden jumped a plane with Jill and Hunter to take off for a week-long vacation — he’s earned it, having announced earlier that there was zero inflation in July. It’s already been eliminated, and he hasn’t even signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law yet. As we’ve said, there’s been a lot of wishcasting in the mainstream media that things are finally turning around for Biden, and he and the Democrats just have to ride this new momentum into the midterms. Who isn’t thrilled about 87,000 new IRS agents?

Sam Stein of Politico and MSNBC says that Wednesday was “a deep, personally fulfilling day” for Biden in ways “more profound than normal.”

OK, let’s give Stein a chance. What’s he saying?

The small resort island southwest of Charleston with 10 miles of beach has long been a favorite Biden family vacation spot. But this visit marks the first since June 2015 when the family traveled there after the funeral for Biden’s son BEAU.

The moment is fitting.

In the morning, the president signed a bill that expands healthcare and family benefits to veterans exposed to toxic “burn pits” at military bases by an estimated $275 billion over the next decade. The legislation had become a top priority for the president, in part because Beau was stationed near such pits while serving in Iraq from 2008-09.

Because the evidence is not clear cut, the president has almost always been careful to say in public that he doesn’t know if exposure to burn pits — sites where the military disposed of materials by burning them — ultimately caused his son’s death.

AYFKM? He’s “almost always” been careful not to link his son’s death to burn pits? Except for all the times he has.


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