Not long ago we said that a clip that “60 Minutes” promoted for Scott Pelley’s interview with President Biden suggested the entire interview might consist of softball questions. The interview aired on CBS Sunday and while it wasn’t a super challenging time for Biden, there were some telling moments.

For starters, even “60 Minutes” had to note that Biden’s answer about the U.S. defending Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack was not the official position of the country of which he’s the president:

It’s always SO entertaining when the White House has to come out and say the comments from the US president do not represent the official position of the US government.

Biden also tackled the issue of inflation in the “60 Minutes” interview. How’s this for a giant pile of BS?

YIKES! At least Biden admitted inflation ticked up “an inch” instead of insisting it was “zero” just a few weeks ago.

Biden also defended his son Hunter, the smartest man he knows:

Well, what was Joe supposed to say? You’ll also notice that Pelley framed the whole question from a “Republicans pounce” angle instead of just going after the facts.

Here’s a good one: In the interview, Biden slammed Trump for making politics about “personal attacks”:

Quite a claim coming from the guy who says millions of Americans are “threats to democracy” because of who they vote for.

And Biden knows the interviewer wouldn’t call him out.

The entire interview was an exercise in projection, hypocrisy and denial.

Also, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” made a resurgence after a question about Biden’s mental acuity and energy level:

Finally, will Biden run again in 2024?

Biden’s “intention” might conflict with those of the Democrats actually making the calls, which do NOT include Joe Biden.



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